Mission accomplished

Arrival at the South Pole

My TEDx Delft talk

Tractor Girl’s TEDx talk at TU Delft!

Tractor Girl  – little trailer

short teaser of 4 years traveling towards the South Pole by tractor. (editor: Patrick Minks)

On the road

An impression of the first part of my journey: 38.000 kilometers by tractor through Africa.


For this journey I made a play. As a tool for communication with the girl on the tractor and as a gift for the people I met on my way. In these plays I collected dreams, dreams from the people in countries I visited. This girl is going to the South Pole, to built a snowman with all the dreams of the world in his belly.


While travelling through Africa I visited projects where they use rats. The rats can detect mines and illnesses, amazing!

Live on a tractor

A insight in 4 years living on a tractor. Beautiful moments and tough moments, on her way from Holland to Antarctica…

Visiting The Hunger Project

In Malawi I visited a project from The Hunger Project and I was in tears when I heard what this woman did. I found out that every person can end his or her hunger.

An amazing orphanage

This project I held dear, Nigisti taking care of “her” children in Ethiopië. Amazing, strong woman!