my promise

“To everyone who once upon a time gave their dream to the girl on the tractor.

I made you a promise. I promised your dream would come on an adventure with me all across the World and all the way to the geographic South Pole.

I want to let you know:
It took me a while but I’ve made it! I’m here!
Maybe dreams do come true!
They do! Believe in it. Walk towards it. Really the reality of it is so beautiful.

Now, there was another part to the promise I made…about which I wanted to let you know I’ve made a small decision.

At the geographic South Pole I realised that this to me was not the most appropriate place to build a snowman. The American scientific base there sees many people moving in and out, vehicles and even planes come to visit on a daily bases. 

And I really felt the urge to hold on to the dreams just a little bit longer. And to travel back into the open wide and frozen white landscape of Antarctica. And to find I place in the midst of the extreme beauty of this continent to build the snowman with the ‘dreams of the World’ in it’s belly. 

I hope you can all agree or understand this decision I made.
There’s only one thing `I can say right now, which is: -to be continued-

And if you still wish to see your dream being planted in the belly of a snowman on Antarctica, be quick and upload it now via!” 

Talk to you soon!

- To be continued – 



This weeks dream

Another beautiful dream on its way to the South Pole!
Have you given Tractor Girl your dream yet? In about a week they will arrive at the South Pole and built the snowman who will hold all the dreams!

Droom vd Week 48 ENG

quote of the day

03 het kon niet totdat

(everyone knew it couldn’t be done, untill someone came who didn’t know)

Quote of the day

During the expedition I will sent you a quote every morning, for you will not forget your dreams, while I am doing my dream.
With great thanks to The Hunger Project.

01 20years from now.. Mark Twain