Extreme cold means even simple tasks take longer

(Antarctica – 14th December 2014): Adverse weather and the need for time to catch up on maintenance has slowed the Antarctica2 expedition’s advance to Novo Runway.

At an altitude of 2572m and temperatures of -28°C even carrying out the simplest tasks take longer and is much more tiring than in ‘normal’ conditions. And this work is on top of the challenge of travelling for hours in the most extreme of environments.

While the team is, of course, eager to get home with their families and loved ones, it’s always safety first in Antarctica. So it’s essential to stop and carry out preventive maintenance to the machines on which they rely, as well as provide time for the team members to recharge their own batteries.

The team has also had to take a 10km detour, and back, to collect some equipment left from another expedition. Rules stipulate nothing can be left in Antarctica – everything has to be taken out.

The short break in the constant travelling has, however, given the media team time to upload some more amazing videos, as well as film what’s going on and some interviews with the team members. These are coming through from the ice and, along with previous footage, can be viewed at: