This weeks dream

Another beautiful dream on its way to the South Pole!
Have you given Tractor Girl your dream yet? In about a week they will arrive at the South Pole and built the snowman who will hold all the dreams!

Droom vd Week 48 ENG

Discover Antarctica

Hostile, challenging, exhilarating and inspiring: Antarctica is all of these things and more. Explore the facts below to discover some of the features that make travelling there such an extraordinary experience.

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Voice message from Nicolas

Voice message from Nicolas. The team is not aware of day and time, because they drive 24 hrs (4 hrs shifts) Although it is hard, the circumstances are good and they are making progress.

sleepingspot on Antarctica

Matty explains how we put up a tent for sleeping. It is done with great care to keep the cold outside!

how to set up a tractoren

On Antarctica we also have a tractoren. Not for camping though, but for maintenance (and protection from wind and snow)

voice message from Antarctica – Matty McNair

my play

For this journey I made a play. As a tool for communication with the girl on the tractor and as a gift for the people I met on my way. In these plays I collected dreams, dreams from the people in countries I visited. This girl is going to the South Pole, to built a snowman with all the dreams of the world in his belly.