Expedition website is online!

Believeinitsponsorsbooklet5Yes, the expedition website is online! And it looks sooo cool! Check it out!

Of course you can also follow my adventure’s during the final leg through this website. I’ll upload video-clips from the pervious leg of my Tractor Girl story that may not be shown anywhere else. But here’s the address of the website that was especially created for the expedition, with cool features I can only dream of is: www.antarcticatwo.com! : )

Goodbye to the home base…
Time to say goodbye to the people from Massey Ferguson in the UK. But we will be working closely together to keep you all up to speed on our adventures and whereabouts! During my (not their’s!;)  last communications meeting in the UK last thursday, I was introduced to this man from ‘the archives':

Ted MF
Ted: “I’ve started working for Harry Ferguson back in 1952. And I can remember seeing them putting the brand new selfmade tracks on the tractor’s and loading them onto the trailer to be shipped to the Antarctic’s to the Hillary team back in 1958!”

Wow, to meet this man today on my final ‘communications meeting’ with the MF team in Coventry! : )  (it’s really happening!!) The team here will be managing and collecting all our stories and place them on: www.antarcticatwo.com

Uh oh..
Simon’s already in Cape Town! (Simon’s one of the photographer & filmers of the expedition). This is all going to fast for me. The contents of my bags are still lying in orderly piles spread around the bag in my attic. I’m not there yet to pack them. Is this everything? Am I sure? I’m too busy with other more important things, but wait! I’m almost leaving!

Tractor-dog Biba…
Tractor-dog Biba, who’s travelled with me for years through Africa (she’s from Tanzania), senses I’m almost leaving. She doesn’t want to leave my side. She sleeps by the bed tonight, for old times sake…. So sweet and cuddly! I love her!

Your dream going with me on an Adventure?
From today you can digitally (&for free) upload your dream to travel with me on the back of my tractor, all the way to the South Pole!
Where? here: (link)