Off the glacier…

glacier waterWhen we drove off the glacier we passed these icebergs that have broken off the glacier and have started their – melting – journey towards the sea……

Tent workshop Tentpegs
Tents hanging to dry in the Arctic Trucks workshop in Reykjavik. The sea container for the tractor has arrived. Everything is almost ready for transport to Cape Town!

Just off the glacier and learning about a radio soap. Which is not quite a soap opera…
Getting our wilderness medical first aid training.

Right photo: learning about a different ‘triple triangle’! ; ) (joke for those who know about the Massey Ferguson and it’s ‘triple triangle’ logo and stories) 

On the road there’s a mini traffic jam. The sheep are being brought in by the old and the young generation of farmer. Winter is coming, real soon! : )


Fire & Ice

Vuur tent
“Oh no, I forgot my marshmallows!”

Keeping a close eye on the current volcanic activity here in Iceland…