A glimps of the past….

For the first time during my journey I can show you some moving footage! (well, if it’s moving I can’t tell;)

Still haven’t found out how to edit these small movies, but hereby a glimps of a morning in the Sudan (December 2005).
Driving away from a bush-camp along the river Nile, Northern Sudan.

At the beginning still, of my journey through Africa, with the support-car still there. Nostalgia!
(I had a team 3,5 months of this 3,4 year long journey).

Now supportcar Saar has a baby, for excample; Abel is his name! Hij was born three days before I drove into Cape Town (Oktober 2008). All lives continued in their unique directions….

I moved alone with the tractor and the dog, and all the people I met along the way of course;) Boy, was I slow!

Check out You-tube movie on site: tractortractor.org/english

Camp along the Nile, Northern Sudan (dec. 2005)

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