Book almost finished, resurfacing on Oerol festival..

Tractor girl visits the Oerolfestival 2007 (15 t/m 24 june)

After two years in the ‘bushes’ of Africa I’ll shortly resuface on the litle island where I started my journey…
I will drive around on a borowed tractor for one week and’ ll tell the people who’ve followed me throughout the journey about the adventures of the past two years. Then, that part of the journey has been turned into a lifely story, so I can close it up and start the next, and final leg of my journey to the South tractor!

Hello everybody!!

I’m still here, don’t worry. All is well!
The last stages of my book have arrived, it is going to be a party I hope to share with all my public. It will be published in Holland (De Geus publishers) but hopefully someday soon, an English publisher will blow in my direction (or on my lap;)! Then, I know all who’ve lived and shared my dreams can read my (and their) adventures…on real paper, the true/full story.

In a few weeks time I’ll finally be -truly- back on the road. Facing a new chapter of this amazing journey to ‘the end of the world’, to the South pole. All the dreams are still driving safely with me, my tractor, and are guarded by the stray dog Kosovo who’s still my lifely companion…! Starting from the South of Kenya, close to the Tanzanian border.
Allmost, I’ll keep you posted!

Keep the dreams alive,
And take care,
Hopefully see you on the road, someday, somewhere!