Haraka haraka haina baraka..

Haraka haraka haina baraka.
Hurry hurry has no blessing.
Swahili saying.

In the last few weeks i’ve done loads of work, Southpoleplanning, and I’ve made an important desicion. It’s the choice which gives me, personally, still some reason for sighing (And…let go!)

Camp in Kampala..

I Thought I would just wait a bit till all the good news just comes rolling out of my mouth. But guys, it’s not coming. Maybe I need a holliday. (Noo!)

Last week I’ve made a big desicion.
I needed many talks for that and I even made a big list of pro’s and anti’s. The pro-list was never ending and the anti-list very short.. (I want to go back to the rest of my life, my house my home my friends, my career, my twinsister who’s pregnant!!!! I miss everybody.) What was I saying? That the anti-against list is only small and unimportant? Snif!
And now my friend Esther writes in the guestbook she heard on the radio I’d stay away another year and that see really misses me!! Got to go….make that call.

‘When you say A, you have to say B.’
Dutch saying.

When your inspired to something special, which gets the best out of you. Inspires you to do more than you ever thought possible of yourself. Something you can’t do half. If you do it you’ve got to do it completly and to the max. Or at least you have to try it.

(f#$@%!) Sorry, I’ve messed up in Dutch and now I’m trying to do the same in English. I’ll try again later!

My journey will take another year.

I’ll keep an eye on her, no worries!

Daily Monitor en New Vision, Oeganda’s grootste kranten.

May 2006. Rusty Nail, performance in Nairobi, Kenya. The money I raised with this performance went to the Nyumbani Orphanage and to the Sexual Violence Recovery Centre. ($200,- for each.)

One year on the road !!!

Exactly a year ago I took the boat of…..15.30h I believe.
What an increadible day that was! I’d lived allmost four years up to it…and that day the journey finally started.

Today I feel like giving everyone I met, and everyone who’s following the journey, my dearest and biggest greetings from the beautifull beeeaaaautifuuuuul continent of Africa!!!!

At the moment I’m in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, very busy with setting up the last leg of my journey: the Polar expedition.
I’m very happy to announce that I am in contact with Matty Mc Nair!! Matty was once world famous for her snowy achievements in different Olympic wintergames. Nowadays she’s a guide and a (Polar) explorer. Last year she walked unsupported to the Pole with her two children of 18 and 20 years old!

She offered me to join her in a Polar expededition and she loves to be my guide…….ooooooh excitiiiiiing!

I still have all the dreams and wishes safely on the back of my tractor. And little dog Kosovo is guarding them well……!

Good luck to you all,
In all you do,
Big kiss, Manon.