On a tractor to the South Pole ?


As a theatre maker I created a story
of a girl traveling to the end of the World, by tractor.
But what is the ‘End of the World’?
A child could say: it’s the South Pole! Because that sounds like wanting to go to the moon by tractor, but maybe it is possible
An adult may say: a country torn by famine or war, a place where people lose hope.
Both voices said: go!

Then I realised that if I would put this story into reality, I could tell stories about real people and the real world that are inspiring! So I thought: Maybe we should just do it!
And that became the motto of my journey….

Foto-Compilatie-Reis Afrika (+post-it)-2

‘Sometimes you just have to do it!’

After nearly 4 years of traveling over 38.000km’s with my tractor, and a dog I found along the way, I arrived on the ‘Cape of Good Hope’ in South-Africa. All these years I’d been searching for good projects, initiatives and inspiring people stories that prove that the ‘End of the World’ maybe doesn’t exist, but that ‘sometimes you just have to do it!’

But of course, you first have to believe in it…

Ethiopia - Collecting Dreams - School Aikel BosniaHerzegovina - Mostar performance school 3 - collecting dreams
 So, while traveling all over the World I collected people’s dreams.
Wishes, as well of adults as of children, written on small pieces of paper.
They travel with me on the back of the tractor (digitally).
I’ll take them all the way to the geographical South Pole.
And there I want to build a big snowman
with the dreams of the world in it’s belly.

I hope that people will hear about this story, maybe even as a funny in the newspaper, and think to themselves: if this girl can drive a tractor all the way to the South Pole, then maybe this one dream that I have is also possible. Maybe I should just do it!

Currently I’m preparing myself for the final leg of my epic adventure: the South Pole expedition, by tractor. November 2014 I will start the final part of the adventure, a 5000 kilometer long South Pole expedition, by tractor. Thanks to the help of my sponsor the Massey Ferguson tractor-company! On this website you will be able to read my stories.

I’m determined to create a stage for the beautiful stories of the people I met! And I truly hope to build that snowman with the ‘dreams of the World’ in it’s belly!

Here’s the link to the official Antarctica 2 expedition website: Tractor gletsjer
The book: ‘On a tractor to the South Pole’ was published by De Geus publishers in 2007. It is part 1 of the story, and it ends in Uganda after a year of traveling by tractor……with the decision that it will probably take me an extra year to make it to the South Pole…. (or several, as I found out later; )

Nearly 10.000 copies of this book have been sold to date.
The book can be found in Bookstores (and libraries) in the Netherlands (Dutch language only). And in bookstores all over South Korea, Sigongsa; a major Korean publishing house bought and published the book in Korean too.
I’m still looking for an English publisher.
  BOEKOMSLAG 'Op de tractor naar de Zuidpool'kopie

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