Summer 2005: start of the journey. The last day of the Oerol theatre-festival on Terschelling was the official departure. I literally drove out of the last performance onto the boat and started the real life adventure story…

A performance, wíth the tractor, was made especially for this journey. This performance was played in Europa, the Balkans and in Africa on international festivals, in villages, at projects..
The performance was a means of communication for the girl on the tractor, and gift to give to the great people she met. The performance helped her address the theme of dreams, and doing.

‘DO’ is a poetic and slightly slapstick performance about the realization of dreams, concurring of fears, and about a developping friendship between a girl and a tractor… It tells the story of a dream literally coming out (of the ground) looking for the courage to realize itself.
It’s a symbolical story about the process which starts in your head, from the conception of your dream, until the moment you face up and decide: let’s do it! (or at least try;)

Here’s a little video-clip of the performance back in 2004…

This performance, and the start of this whole Tractor Girl adventure, was made possible thanks to the contributions of these two funds:

35  43

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